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In this thought-provoking video, Simon Sinek, renowned author and motivational speaker, shares his insights on the "Golden Circle of Life." Sinek explains how the world's most successful businesses and leaders use a common marketing technique that focuses on answering the question "why."

Through the "Golden Circle" framework, Sinek highlights the importance of starting with why before moving on to how and what. By first establishing the purpose and belief behind their brand, companies can create a deep emotional connection with their customers and inspire loyalty.

Sinek uses real-world examples to illustrate his points, showing how companies like Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Martin Luther King Jr. all use the "why, how, what" approach to effectively communicate their message and achieve success.

Whether you're a business leader or just looking for inspiration, this video is a must-watch. Sinek's unique perspective on the power of purpose-driven marketing is sure to leave you motivated and inspired to find your own "why."

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